Saturday, December 24, 2011

the ultimate

It's Christmas eve, and I spent it chillin out, going out to eat, taking pictures of epic Christmas trees and going to church. Church was pretty awesome, and I have to say if you don't go to church Christmas eve is the time to go. It's laid back, beautiful, nostalgic and for me tonight it reminded me that I am single....shock. I came in by myself, sat by myself, had a guy that I barely know try to talk to me... and well, I'm rambling.

I was thinking about being single being alone, missing my family, and then in the middle of the service we read Isaiah 53. Pastor Jack mention that Jesus came to earth, and he didn't come as the best looking guy, no he came as the homeliest one. And he picked that body.... the only person who ever got to pick what he would look like and he chose to be homely. Now at this point my mind wandered a bit. And I thought, how much do all of us wish we were better looking? And the man we worship chose to be homely, but not just that. He chose to live life single and die a virgin. Humbling isn't it? Just want to remind you that the next time you want to complain that nobody gets what you're going through... He gets it.

God Bless, Have a Merry Christmas!

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