Saturday, March 3, 2012

God made me a ten.

So I am a terrible blogger, I confess. Some people love writing. They love spilling their guts for the blogosphere, but I confess I am not one of those people. But every once in a while something just starts to eat at me that I just have to share with more than one person. This is one of those times. I am hoping my friends, people that I care about, that you will read it, and read it many times until it starts to sink into your soul. So here goes, starting with the girls.... (okay so I lied about no elipses, grammar nazis)

We single girls are a complicated, tortured bunch. We drive ourselves crazy wondering why the guy we like doesn't like us. We convince ourselves it is the _________________(fill in the blank with whatever  you don't like about your body), But when I look at you, I don't see whatever it is that you think is so horrible, so I'm sure that is not what his problem with you is either. Could the problem be the fact that you are obsessing over your fill in the blank and not focusing on what you should be? Your worth is more than your waist size. What makes you beautiful to a godly man is your character, who you are. What is a woman of worth? She's a hard worker, she loves and puts others ahead of herself, she loves God and encourages others to do the same, she serves, she helps, she protects. If you have these qualities lift your head high because a guy who is worth your time will appreciate you. A woman who only cares about her physical appearance will not get anything more than a man who only cares about your physical appearance. Find your confidence in your character!

Guys, guys, guys. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. What you think we don't like is not the problem. We, girls want a man. Not a guy who complains that they are not good looking enough for us and never asks us out. We want someone who is a leader, someone we can look up to. Take initiative. If I go to church more often than you do, bad sign, rejection might be in the cards for you. Do you only do ministry at church that the girl you are interested in also does? This is not a good thing, find something else. Are you waiting for the girl you like to beg you to ask her out on embossed paper before you will do something? Not gonna happen. Did you get rejected when you were 13 and henceforth and forever decide that all women must feel the same way, and so you wait for them to make the move? Sorry Chuck. You are supposed to be a man! Even if you get rejected, the fact that you tried will score you big brownie points with the rest of the girls in the room. Okay, qualifier, trying does NOT mean asking for sex. That is not trying. Treat a woman with dignity and respect. Ask her out to a meal or something fun, or a meal and something fun, and do not expect sex. We are not whores that you pay up front for with food! Oh, and while I am on this, contrary to popular opinion women who strive to honor God with their bodies want men who do the same. I know people have made mistakes, that's not the point. If you'ré looking for a good woman, you won't get one by trying to take advantage of her. You'll either brake her or lose her.

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