Saturday, March 3, 2012

God made me a ten.

So I am a terrible blogger, I confess. Some people love writing. They love spilling their guts for the blogosphere, but I confess I am not one of those people. But every once in a while something just starts to eat at me that I just have to share with more than one person. This is one of those times. I am hoping my friends, people that I care about, that you will read it, and read it many times until it starts to sink into your soul. So here goes, starting with the girls.... (okay so I lied about no elipses, grammar nazis)

We single girls are a complicated, tortured bunch. We drive ourselves crazy wondering why the guy we like doesn't like us. We convince ourselves it is the _________________(fill in the blank with whatever  you don't like about your body), But when I look at you, I don't see whatever it is that you think is so horrible, so I'm sure that is not what his problem with you is either. Could the problem be the fact that you are obsessing over your fill in the blank and not focusing on what you should be? Your worth is more than your waist size. What makes you beautiful to a godly man is your character, who you are. What is a woman of worth? She's a hard worker, she loves and puts others ahead of herself, she loves God and encourages others to do the same, she serves, she helps, she protects. If you have these qualities lift your head high because a guy who is worth your time will appreciate you. A woman who only cares about her physical appearance will not get anything more than a man who only cares about your physical appearance. Find your confidence in your character!

Guys, guys, guys. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. What you think we don't like is not the problem. We, girls want a man. Not a guy who complains that they are not good looking enough for us and never asks us out. We want someone who is a leader, someone we can look up to. Take initiative. If I go to church more often than you do, bad sign, rejection might be in the cards for you. Do you only do ministry at church that the girl you are interested in also does? This is not a good thing, find something else. Are you waiting for the girl you like to beg you to ask her out on embossed paper before you will do something? Not gonna happen. Did you get rejected when you were 13 and henceforth and forever decide that all women must feel the same way, and so you wait for them to make the move? Sorry Chuck. You are supposed to be a man! Even if you get rejected, the fact that you tried will score you big brownie points with the rest of the girls in the room. Okay, qualifier, trying does NOT mean asking for sex. That is not trying. Treat a woman with dignity and respect. Ask her out to a meal or something fun, or a meal and something fun, and do not expect sex. We are not whores that you pay up front for with food! Oh, and while I am on this, contrary to popular opinion women who strive to honor God with their bodies want men who do the same. I know people have made mistakes, that's not the point. If you'rĂ© looking for a good woman, you won't get one by trying to take advantage of her. You'll either brake her or lose her.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

the ultimate

It's Christmas eve, and I spent it chillin out, going out to eat, taking pictures of epic Christmas trees and going to church. Church was pretty awesome, and I have to say if you don't go to church Christmas eve is the time to go. It's laid back, beautiful, nostalgic and for me tonight it reminded me that I am single....shock. I came in by myself, sat by myself, had a guy that I barely know try to talk to me... and well, I'm rambling.

I was thinking about being single being alone, missing my family, and then in the middle of the service we read Isaiah 53. Pastor Jack mention that Jesus came to earth, and he didn't come as the best looking guy, no he came as the homeliest one. And he picked that body.... the only person who ever got to pick what he would look like and he chose to be homely. Now at this point my mind wandered a bit. And I thought, how much do all of us wish we were better looking? And the man we worship chose to be homely, but not just that. He chose to live life single and die a virgin. Humbling isn't it? Just want to remind you that the next time you want to complain that nobody gets what you're going through... He gets it.

God Bless, Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to get a really pretty girl

Hey Guys,

Those of you who know me well know I have a lot of friends. I have friends of just about every type married friends, single friends, single guy friends, single girl friends, and I'm going to let you in on a secret. (This probably isn't much of a secret if you have sisters or have seen girls hang out.) When girls get together they talk about you.. a lot. Not the same kind of talking that guys do about girls. For example, it's a rare day when you will catch a girl talking about a guys abs. But we do talk about you, and lately I have been in a lot of conversations with other single girls that run the gamut from drop dead gorgeous to pretty and here are some things that we all say... If you want us to date you.....

1. Ask us out. This should be a duh, but it's really not. All the guys we know that ask girls out have girlfriends. And the rest of you we have never seen do it. Girls want a guy that wants them. We have been told, and reinforced by the way you treat us when we do take the initiative that asking you out is a bad, bad idea. Honestly, almost all the single girls I know (though they don't want to admit it, because it's humiliating to admit) have not been asked out in months or sometimes years... Do you realize what this means guys?... If you don't look like the green eyed monster and are not completely what she hopes to avoid, you have a VERY BIG chance of getting her if you will go up and just do it, and don't worry about acting nervous... You getting nervous is a huge compliment.

2. Get a job. We get that the economy is bad. We are going through it, too. We've had our bouts with unemployment, but we all keep hoping someone will come along who can support us.  What this means exactly is different for each girl I talk to. But yeah, you need a job.

3. Move away from Mom. Now if you are still in college this does not apply to you. You need to work on school and getting a degree. Nobody expects this of a college kid. After college once you have gotten a job, you need to try to move out. Now this doesn't mean you have to buy a house or have your own apartment. If you work at Burger King and have to live with 4 other guys in a two bedroom apartment in order to make ends meet, that's okay. Living with mom, nope. And here's why. Living on your own forces you to learn how to manage money, you have to do your own laundry, essentially you have to grow up. Women don't want to be with manchildren. And your mom, if she lets you stay home, is not helping you.

These are the three things girls complain about. If you have all these things going for you and girls still tell you, no. I do not know what to tell you. Maybe you're asking the wrong people. As far as ,looks go we're all looking for different things. Just don't give up if the first girl you ask tells you no.

Well, here's hoping this helps. :)

Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas! And God Bless!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my first try

I'd be lying if I said this was actually my first try at blogging. During myspace's hayday I actually blogged on there. Please don't read it. It's a waste of time. I've been building up to this. One of my friends from elementary school is an awesome blogger and I keep thinking I want to do something like her blog. Only she is married with kids and blogs about that and I am, well, not. And that was really what I wanted to blog about actually.

I guess I'll give a little intro on myself. My name's Ruth. I describe my self as half gypsy, half wandering Jew. Those are figurative, not literal. ;) I spent my growing up years moving around a lot with my family, and my adult years moving around (to get) away from my family. I've lived in several states and a couple foreign countries. This I'm sure will play a part in my blog many times. Please if you read my blog don't ask me if any of the places I've been to are different. Please just don't.

Well, this is where I run out of time and say hope this wasn't so boring that you never want to read anymore ever again.

Peace, love and all that...